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Carle Auditory Oral School was founded to support children who are deaf or hard of hearing in developing spoken language through listening so that they can return to their neighborhood schools ready to learn alongside their peers and siblings. No child/family is turned away based on finances because of the support of Carle Foundation and the Center for Philanthropy. Families are welcome to make donations directly to the Center for Philanthropy to ensure this is always the case. 

Additionally, we have a variety of fundraisers during the school year to make learning at CAOS fun. Examples include: technology improvements, school-wide field trips and grade level field trips, pizza lunches, materials for indoor recess, games and play materials to create hands-on learning opportunities, books, and assessments to help us continually improve our program. 

Here’s a list of fundraisers that have become traditions at CAOS:

CAOS Gear Fundraiser - Each CAOS student receives a free CAOS field trip Tshirt at the start of each new year.  Parents, extended family and staff are encouraged to purchase Tshirts, sweatshirts, tank tops and hats with CAOS gear to share their school spirit, raise awareness of the school and help raise additional funds.  

PTO Fall Picture Day- PTO volunteers set up a fall-themed back drop and take photos of individual children. Digital files of each child’s photo are made available to families for a donation to the CAOS PTO.  

Winter Program Bake Sale - Families are asked to provide a variety of baked goods to be sold following the Winter Program. Each item is priced at $0.50 to ensure that all families are able to participate in this fundraiser. However, many families and staff members make a donation over and above the cost of the baked goods as they come through the line to make their purchase.

Flower-Grams - Traditionally held around Valentine’s Day, this fundraiser allows parents and students to write personal notes to peers, teachers, therapists and family members. On Valentine’s Day, each note will be attached to a beautiful carnation.

Walkathon - The walkathon is our largest fundraiser of the school year and provides funding for everything from curriculum updates and gross motor equipment to special events (e.g., U of I led dance class/yoga instruction) and school-wide field trips (e.g., Rader Family Farms in the Fall and Decatur Zoo and Children’s Museum in the Summer). Prizes are awarded to the children who generate the most total donations and have the largest number of participants donating.

Danville Gardens Too - This fundraiser is traditionally held on a weekday in mid-May from 2 – 6 p.m. Parent and staff volunteers pass out flyers at Danville Gardens about the fundraiser. Twenty percent of all purchases made at Danville Gardens Too during the fundraiser will be donated to the school. 

Art Fundraiser - If you love student-created art, this event is for you! A step above the typical drawings and coloring pages, students will have the opportunity to create larger, more permanent pieces of art. Toward the end of the school year, parents have the opportunity to purchase individual student creations at cost. Any individual items that are not purchased by families will be available for sale. Class and grade level projects will be placed in the art silent auction at graduation. All Spring Celebration guests engage in bidding before and after graduation to win these sweet creations whose purchases provide support to the school. Cash, checks, or credit cards are accepted at the art silent auction.